Developer Q&A 22 October 2021

Finally, the developers have officially answered a question of interest to many about The Great Collector event. We hope that the community managers of the RU community will be more responsible in their work in the future.

Question: There are rumours saying the great collector event will come back, that makes us hold resources in hand and are afraid to summon. Can you tell whether there would be a new hero summon event?

Answer: The Great Collector will be available only for new accounts as a benefit event. We apologize for this confusion and misunderstanding, we’lll be more careful and cautious about game related information.

Question: Good job devs on those events especially in the last month, but – this may have been asked many times – will there be more content? I mean both new events and more stages in Battle and Dungeon.

Answer: Our developers are working hard on the new content! Based on the essential gameplay, we want to develop a more unique style for MQ, in which our players will be able to experience more RPG and D&D style. So my answer is:”Thy will be Done!” New content will soon be landed on the Armuda Continent! Shhh, this is only between us, let’s keep it in confidence!

Welcome visiting our official community and guess with us what kind of gameplay it will be!

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