Developer Q&A 22 May 2022

  1. Will there be a new GvG/guid war? Will the Puppet war open again?

For the next version we will focus on developing a duel-like 1v1 GvG gameplay. Developing a large-scale guild competition will require a bit more time to accomplish, adjust and test. This gameplay will combine more elements of the [World] for guilds to race and to compete, hoping to provide players with a whole new different experience. Regarding the launch time of the next Puppet War, we will announce it later on social media.

  1. The gear icons are really confusing, and we do not really understand how to forge gear.

We realize that the equipment system does have some areas that need to be improved, and we have already started to adjust and optimize it. The new system interface will focus on solving the confusion and problems that our dear Adventurers have reported through various means, including operation interaction, information display and transmission, resources acquisition etc. We believe that the optimized system will provide everyone with a clearer and smoother gaming experience. These modifications require some time, we will complete the optimization as soon as possible, so please be patient.

  1. The world map is cleared very quickly and easily, can you add some more content on it?

The World exploration is one of our key targets for future development. We have studied a great number of feedbacks from our Adventurers about the World experience, and also demands and creative ideas regarding gameplay. We take these very seriously. Thank you all for your positive support of our work.

Subsequent versions will gradually increase the sustainable gameplay in the World. Keeping in consideration that this is only the first version of the World gameplay. In the future, the World will carry our main gameplay content, also big World events will be implemented and opened with the upcoming new areas. In addition to optimizing the experience of existing areas and improving them, we keep on developing new areas and strive to innovate the gameplay.

  1. Idle Dispatch resources are very hard to obtain, we can only choose to dispatch on the highest level of each boss even though we need some more basic resources.

First of all, high-level bosses will also drop some basic forging resources such as Wood in Idle Rewards. For technical reasons, the preview of Idle Rewards only displays the highest-level materials that can be obtained.

Secondly, the multi-team dispatch function will be launched in future updates. Adventurers will be able to dispatch multiple teams on different boss instances at the same time and select the level of the boss.

Taking into account the balance of overall resources, the highest levels of the 4 bosses in the Awakened Demons bosses will be gradually increased following the player’s game progress. We will adjust and optimize the gameplay according to the player’s experience and resources balance.

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