Developer Q&A 22 February 2022

Q1: Please let us add another e-mail to link our account. / Give players the chance to unlink Account.
Dear Adventurers, due to platform policies we cannot obtain or use your account information. If your account was to be stolen or unbound you would lose it permanently. Therefore, for the safety of your accounts we are temporarily unable to provide such options as rebinding and unbinding accounts. Thank you for understanding. We highly recommend that you choose an active SNS account and keep it safe to avoid any unfortunate loss.

Q2: Please add a 3x speed fight.
This feature will be implemented in the future version updates, but before we put it online, we need to ensure the smooth gaming experience in different modes and devices. Please have a little more patience.

Q3: Events that everyone can complete regardless of one’s level and power.
To improve the overall experience of PvP-types events, we made some changes in our new PvP event, Plane Expedition:

  • Daily “Cumulative Victories” rewards.
    Adventurers can win these rewards by challenging other Adventurers of same or lower ranking.
  • Five free chances (Elemental Crystals) to challenge other contestants every day.
    The Elemental Crystals are available for purchase with Dragon Shards and the price starts at a fairly acceptable level in order to give a chance to challenge more contestants to all Adventurers.
  • The best-of-three mechanism. Contestants can win battles by changing the battle line-up for attack.
  • Promotion Rewards for each league to encourage Adventurers of all levels to pursue upwards.
  • The limitation on factions.
    The forbidden faction for each season takes turns. Heroes from restricted factions cannot be chosen throughout the season. For instance, a contestant you could rarely defeat in this season may be easily defeated in the next season.

Q4: Hello, I’d like to play more Campaign chapters.
New Campaign chapters are currently in the making, through intense preparation and testing. We hope that our Adventurers will enjoy the battle rhythm of the new chapters! We are looking forward to your feedback on them!

Q5: Will there be a new Divinity hero in the Shop?
At the moment only 4 Divinity & Abyss Heroes have descended onto the Armuda Continent, one of which is already in the Plane Expedition Shop. To protect the overall balance of the game, there won’t be major changes to our current launch plan of the Shop for now. If such changes are to be made in future plans, there will be official notice.

Q6: Will there be new Abyss heroes?
We are aware that this is a question many Adventurers have on their mind, and we thank everyone for their expectations and support. Following our dear Divinity hero Sur, we have welcomed two divinity heroes in a row. More heroes of the Abyss Faction will land on the Armuda Continent in the future, so please stay tuned!

Q7: Can you please add more hatred level rewards in Puppet guild boss? Is there a new boss for Puppet War?
We have no such plans for these two events at present, but in addition to the new heroes, adventure chapters and optimization of other modes in the game, we are working hard to develop new multiplayer gameplays. We hope that the development and testing stages of the new content can be completed as soon as possible in order to release and offer you an even more interesting world.

Q8: Will there be more varied Hunting Actions? It’s always the same ones that keep coming up.
The casual gameplay of Hunting Action is an important addition to the methods for farming resources and to our main strategy gameplay. The Developers Team doesn’t want to overload the Adventurers’ game experience with this, but still hope that Adventurers who like small puzzles can have as much fun as those who prefer battles and challenges. Our team will continue to enrich the gameplay of this mode and improve the experience for everyone. If our dear Adventurers have any ideas about mode, you are welcome to communicate with our staff on our official communities or our support team in the game.

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