Developer Q&A 21 May 2021

Question: The Epic Actions in Hunting Actions are too difficult. Could you please lower the difficulty of these actions?

Answer: The reason that these actions are Epic Actions is that they are of higher difficulty and we intentionally design them to be harder so that the Epic Actions can be a milestone target for. adventurers who want to become stronger hunters in the Hunter’s League. If you failed the first time, don’t worry. The Epic Actions will not disappear until you finally defeat the enemies. Thus, you can challenge the Epic Actions multiple times. So enhance your equipment, level up your heroes and when you get prepared, come back and taste your victory!

Question: Currently the runestone bag is quite annoying to use. Could you please change it and make it so that one can use it together with the normal bag?

Answer: We very much agree! While developing the Runestone Bag our goal was to create a place where you could see and access all your runestones easily and from a single place, be it for equipping them or simply looking at them. A menu where runestones could be filtered and batch salvaged. After it went live and having used it for a while, we also felt that its button was somewhat hidden and that the experience wasn’t the greatest. As such we have decided to make a series of adjustments to remedy this. However, it will unfortunately still take a bit of time for us to develop it anew. Anyway, keep a lookout for our announcements and social media posts for the most up-to-date information!

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