Developer Q&A 12 September 2021

Another series of questions and answers from the developers of the game Magnum Quest has been released today. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with it below.

Question: Trial is too easy even for beginners, we need a hard mode.

Answer: Yeah our staff get that a lot from our adventurers. LOL. Trial is very important for us to get more resources, to try different heroes which we haven’t gotten, etc. Even though the bosses (and also rewards) would level up a little along with your leveel, it still can be finished within hours.

“not too exhausting” is what we want, we hope everyone no matter where your level is can have a better experience. Now seriously – Hard Trial Mode has already been on the schedule for a while. But we’re waiting for some tests and see how it goes. After that the Hard Trial mode will be released as soon as possible. Please stay tuned!

Question: Are there gonna be more features like Dungeons and Dragons? We like the graphics you know, like miniatures playing on my table, and the Dungeon Master’s Screen (you made it as a map). So here is the question: are you planning to give contents that are more relevant to D&D games?

Answer: Thank — You —! (Finally someone asked us that, our devs have been itchy to say it out loud anyway) There are many D&D players in our team too, and yes we are making effort to develop more interesting contents, hoping more players would enjoy the fun of D&D gameplay no matter if they ever played D&D or not, so:

You are Playing D&D, You are Playing D&D, This whole APARTMENT…… is playing D&D.

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