Developer Q&A 12 June 2021

Question: Is it possible that we receive message of the guild chat or guild boss fight even when we are not in the game?

Answer: Good point. We have also noticed that adventurers may have the needs to be informed of the game progress sometimes. Actually, we are already planning this new function.
But as some adventurers may would like to receive all the messages about the game, some may would like to mute all the messages. We are still setting the rules of the messages and hope to bring you a better game experience.

Question: After several battles, I always have to battle with the opponents that have higher line-up rating than me in the Floating City Ladder. It seems that I can not win any more.

Answer: The mechanism of the Floating City Ladder is different with the Sacengate Tournament.
When matching adventurers in the Sacengate Tournament, all the adventurers are randomly matched so you will find opponents whose line-up ratings lower or higher than you.
But for the Floating City Ladder, only the adventurers who are of close ranks (most times higher ranks) will be displayed in the challenge list. So it is natural that with more battles and higher ranks, the adventurers listed are of higher line-up ratings.
Therefore, to increase your rank in the Floating City Ladder, improve your line-up rating may be the best way.

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