Puppets War 2021/11/09 – 2021/11/15

Guild event Puppets War is starting soon! Nov 9th – Nov 15th!

The Fallen One has created a massive army of puppets with his black magic. In response, coalitions of justice have dispatched their heroes to ensure its annihilation.

Puppet • Executioner, his armor got much heavier and stronger, now he has full confidence to conquer, to fight his enemies even the weapon master Feng. However, it seems that his power also became weaker in decreasing the magical damage.
Puppet • Dark Mage, her magic [Skeleton Armor] is powerful but in a more quirky way, when it’s enchanted, her enemies who dare to challenge will not take any step forward in front of her power.
Puppet • Shaman of arcana came, carrying the fallen totem which endows her with the power to dissipate magical elements.
Puppet • Master of hypnosis will build an enormous tidal barrier, it can weaken any attack strong enough to get through it. But her ethereal wave will pass without decreation, otherwise the further it travels the stronger it will be.

Event time: UTC 2021/11/09 00:00 to 2021/11/15 23:59

Participation: After the event is opened, you can participate in the puppet war by clicking the event icon in the event or guild interface.

Event rewards:

  • Dragonshards,
  • Guild badge,
  • Golden soul dice,
  • Gear Enhancements,
  • etc

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