Plane Expeditions event 2022/02/14 – 2022/02/23

It’s PvP Season! Time to test your true power
Brand new battlefields, brand new rules. What would you do when you’re a challenger AND a defender?

New PvP Event Plane Expeditions
This is the ultimate face-off amongst all adventurers across planes of existence!

Event time: From UTC 02/14 00:00 to 02/23 23:59

Event rewards:

  • Fare Skin – Ruby’s Ash,
  • Heroes,
  • Arcane Impression Cards,
  • Special Portraits,
  • Guardian’s Treasure Chests,
  • Guardian’s Gift Boxes,
  • Purifying Stone Optional Chests,
  • Element Powder, etc.

Event description:

  1. During a Plane Expedition season, adventurers who have finished Stage 20-60 can challenge other adventurers across the servers.
  2. Heroes from Fortress are barred in this season. (There will be one Faction barred from participation each season.)
  3. Rewards will be settled and distributed to all contestants based on their leagues at the time of settlement. Good Luck!

*More details of Plane Expeditions are subject to the rules in game.

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