New Shadow Hero (July 2021)

Greetings Adventurers,Our upcoming hero is a mysterious, courteous and charming man, who got married with the only love of his life. But he still had to struggle against his nature- thirst for blood. To leave or not, whatever he chooses, there will be a lot of pain for both of them.Where did our protagonist of the love story go? Live behind the curtain to protect his wife?❤️ Or keep struggling until he can finally get used to it?😲Give us your own ending of this story by ❤️ or 😲, and stay tuned in #MagnumQuest!

6 thoughts on “New Shadow Hero (July 2021)”

  1. Gorehound666

    Sounds like the vampire Lestat from interview with the vampire. At least that quote is from him. ^^

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