New Shadow Hero (January 2022)

Ahoy Matey! New hero: Rose – Blood Raven will soon land on the Armuda Continent!

As the reputation of “Blood Raven” spread far and wide across the seas, on one of her “hunting trips”, Rose stumbled across a parchment, which told of an old legend popular amongst sailors of all generations: the legend of treasures hoarded by a black dragon. In the past eon, there lived an avaricious black dragon, who had amassed treasures in sums beyond imagination, and before departing Armuda, he hid the treasures in the depth of the seas.

It was not uncommon amongst the pirates to dream of finding such treasures, and Rose was no exception. Sailing out of her own territory for the treasure, she had not expected that the whole trip was completely an elaborate trap that would take her life and soul…

Complete information of Rose, Blood Raven is coming soon, stay tuned!

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