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Welcome adventurers to our website! The development team has announced a new option for the game: the Magic List Magnum Quest.

The announcement is presented as a message for players:

“We will be performing an update on UTC2021/07/26 02:00:00-04:00:00.
The updates are as follows.

New heroes are coming soon: Harry, the Smarty-Pants from the Wild. And we will open the trial function ofthe new hero at the same time.

New system: Magic List (Unlocked after using Dragonshards or Draw Coupon to summon 20 times). Add your favorite heroes to this magic list, and when you throw up the soul dice to enable the summons, the magic of fate may guide them to your side.”

The Magic List system should be similar to the Wish List from the well-known AFK Arena. That is, before the summon, you choose 5 heroes (the exact number is not yet known) from 4 factions, save them to the list and start summoning heroes. If a golden hero come out, he will most likely be from the Magic List (but there is a chance that it will still be a random hero). With the help of the list, it will be easier for you to get the necessary heroes for your constructions. Most likely it will not be possible to add the Abyss and Divine factions

We have already posted about the Announcement of the New Hero of the Wild faction.

So, a new system for a Hero to choose after summons will be added soon, which is a very interesting innovation. We are looking forward to the update with the Magic List in Magnum Quest!

3 thoughts on “New option Magic List”

  1. Looking forward to the update though I think they definitely need to add some more actual content of regular activities to do. Something with guilds for example group up with 2 or 3 guild members to tackle a series of dungeons or challenges, or team up with other guild members to take on other teams… just food for thought, but yeah definitely some more actual content / activities rather than short term events needed 🙂

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