New Forest Hero (April 2022)

New Forest Hero Shael Master Builder
Shael is charming in her own way.

Unlike other girls who are bubbly and playful, she devoted her passion to creating all sorts of “trinkets”. She never paid attention to her looks and was often seen in her work clothes with her golden hair tied and wrapped up almost all the time.

Her residence was in a dead end of an old alley no one dared to approach, where strange odors and sound of explosions were detected more often than anyone would like. People saw her as an oddball who devoted all her youth to a pile of junk.
However, as soft and focused as she is, Shael got involved in the schemes of the Night Priestess. :worried:

Skills and more stories of Shael, Master Builder, will be revealed soon! Guess who will play an important role in her story? 🤫You already met her on the Armuda Continent!

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