New Divinity Hero (December 2021)

Dress up neatly, adventurers! Prepare to greet our New Divinity Hero!
Revna, Amor fati

Worshiped as the Goddess of War, Revna rules the victories of all warfare.

Born to the king of gods but weak like an unfinished work, Revna and her twin sister Signe were different like day and night. Unlike her sister, young Revna grew cold to the world. Even though her father made up for her deficiencies of divinity by half a pearl which supplied her with a constant flow of power, the seed of kindness never sprouted in her heart.

At the old time when Revna ruled the defeats of all warfare, she never cared for the world, she hardly cared for herself. But after she finally arose the sole Goddess of War, her first quest was to declare war upon the Fallen One.

What indeed made Revna a true god and subverted her position in the war?
The whole story about the twin Goddesses will be revealed very soon!

Stay tuned!

Apparently, we can expect a new hero for the Abyss faction – Signe!

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