Lucky Roll Event

Lucky Roll is available again! During the event, adventurers will be able to earn Lucky Cubes by acquiring Activity Chests, completing Daily Quests, or purchase Lucky Cubes directly from the store. Lucky Dice can be used on Lucky Roll to earn rewards.

• In total per day for daily rewards you can earn 7 dice (7 rolls).
• During the activity of 16 days, you can make 112 throws.

To select heroes as a special reward, you need to complete 10 circles. After 20 laps, you can choose the heroes of Sur or Katos as the main reward.

With each new circle, the rewards used will increase their level and quantity. For example, entering a square with gold for the first time you will receive 25K gold, and on the next round in this square there will already be 50K.

We advise you to choose the cards of the Forest faction, as according to the Tier List, this faction has the most useful heroes for progress.

Lucky Roll Info

Movement Rules

From the starting point on, the Adventurer advances as per the point they have rolled. Each advance costs one dice. Reaching the finishing point will halt, grant the final reward and start the next round; If the point rolled is higher than what’s needed to reach the finishing point, they will reach the finishing point and enter the next round without further advance.

Square Rules

Stopping at a Reward square grants a proper reward. If the Square’s Reward Level does not max out, it will grant +1 Level Reward for the next grid.

Final Rewards

Each round, players will set the final reward for the round before they roll and advance. The final reward can be altered from time to time before they reach the finishing point for the round.

Travelling Merchant

The travelling merchant only stays for a while. While he stays, he will display the items available. Players on any grid may check the merchant’s items and purchase; The merchant will auto-leave at the end of his stay.

How to Get the Dice

During the event, completing Daily Quest grants a chest of Lucky Dice, also available from the defeat of enemies in the maze

The Difference of the Dice

The use of Lucky Dice rolls a random point; the use of Magic Cube allows players to designate a point.

Unlock Special Rewards

Complete designated rounds to unlock special rewards which can be chosen and obtained only in the unlocking rounds; By clearing the designated unlocking round, the special reward will be locked until the Adventurer reaches the next unlocking round.

Reward selection rules

When the Adventurer clears a designated unlocking round, the reward for the next round will be auto-set as the same for the round before last.

We wish you Good Luck in the Event!

2 thoughts on “Lucky Roll Event”

  1. disappointed

    Disappointed that you guys dont share this information via the in-game notice. Had no idea maintenance or this event was coming up. Already completed my dailies. Not sure why there’s in-game notices if you guys dont bother using it.

  2. Shiny Flakes

    Thank you so much my dear supporter 🙂
    I apreciate your great job always ❤

    Greece from Lord Sumrak alias Shiny Flakes

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