Lucky Roll Event 2021-8-20 – 2021-9-2

Finally, there is official information about the first upcoming event after the official release of Magnum Quest. This will be the most familiar event, “Lucky Roll”. You can read the details and rules here –

Official post:


New event is coming soon! A fantastic chance to get a Divinity or Abyss hero!

Finish daily missions to get more dice , and remember – wherever the dice leads you, you can always find something useful! The more rounds you can go, the better prize you will get. Just follow the dice and it will bring you luck!

Tips:The event will begin after the recent server maintenance, so you may want to start doing the dailies after the maintenance to get more dice.


Good luck to everyone and see you in the game 🙂

5 thoughts on “Lucky Roll Event 2021-8-20 – 2021-9-2”

  1. The game was in beta phase, i am agree about new heroes but hey, let them work in the official release, its easy from your point of view, a lot of competitors, time its eating us, it need tests.., so much going on to release things. Boring event tho 🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️🧛‍♂️

  2. Things take time to develop, man. Lots of new players, game just got officially released.
    And yes, some of us do care and enjoy an upscale graphics and story telling environment which are both top notch

  3. Agree with EROKICHI. My heart is bleeding seeing how you have copied not only AFK modes but heroes too. It’s so painful to watch. is it really that hard to use your OWN imagination and create really Unique heroes? I’m as a game designer made 120 unique characters for 3 years of work, all of them had unique skills and passives. I bet there are a lot of people loving to create and balance characters as I do. So please, I hope you will rework stolen characters, like ARtur=Lucious and so on and make original ones. Coz without it game is doomed in long term basis

  4. Instead of this no good boring event we wanted to see new heroes and new game modes like co-op and Empire war. There’s nothing new this game(basically most contents come from afk arena including hero skill type) can offer that other games of the same type don’t, who cares about graphics, what attract players is a competitive busy environment and new content, not shiny visual graphics or the story(only for no good temporary useless players), gameplay matters. Well if you don’t want a big player base like Final heroes, guardian soul or King’s Raid and just ok with good ratings, you can continue with unoriginal boring gameplay and event.

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