Lost Wings Event

The Lost Wings Magnum Quest event has begun in game. Collect paper butterflies to exchange for various rewards during the event. Event Time: 2021.6.9 – 2021.6.24. The event will last 16 days. Rewards will drop out during the first 14 days and two days will remain for the exchange of butterflies for rewards.


The mysterious owner of the underground black market in Trassvertian issued a reward: Whoever find the paper butterflies lost in his treasuryvault will be able to exchange for rare rewards in the market.

Story of Lost Wings Magnum Quest

The underground black market in Trassvertian is famous for its great power in the Armuda Continent. It is the paradise for illegal transactions. Stolen goods, poacher’s preys, even some dangerous cargos, are able to find their buyers here. One can also come here to try his luck in search for the rare precious. No one has ever met the owner of the market or got to know his real identity. He is so mysterious that only his name, Tane, is spread by word of mouth.

Recently, someone has broken into Tane’s personal treasury vault. It is said that the thief found no golds or rare treasures, but only some paper butterflies with delicate wings.

Some new bounty posters appear in the black market saying that whoever find the lost butterflies will be able to exchange for rare rewards in the market.


  1. During the event, adventurers can exchange for various rewards by paper butterflies.
  2. Paper butterflies can be obtained from daily quest activity chests, or from the rewards after defeating FROST PEAK, the guild boss. Adventurers also can purchase the limited packs or event daily packs to obtain paper butterflies.
  3. Paper butterflies will be retrieved on the price of 80K gold per one. Income from the paper butterflies will be sent to adventurers through in-game mails.

To summarize, you can get paper butterflies for the following daily activity in the game:

  • Daily activity rewards (activity chests can be seen in the Missions tab),
  • Challenge guild Boss Frost Peak (can be found in Guild tab),
  • Can be bought in BUTTERFLY BOX (additional showcase in the Event’s menu Lost Wings),
  • Daily packs in MERCHANTS menu (excluding free items).


The Event contains a reward table where you can get in exchange for a certain number of butterflies these:

  • Sur,
  • Katos,
  • Flann,
  • Manton,
  • Emilia,
  • Sorsha,
  • 10 Gold Faction Draw Coupon,
  • 10 Silver Draw Coupon,
  • 10 Adamantite Dragon Scale,
  • and other equally interesting prizes, including special Symbols for the Star Map Sigils.

You can exchange some positions multipuly times – from 2 (for Heroes) to 9999 (gold).

How much can you collect

As a result of calculations, we can say that if you open all daily chests and defeat the guild boss in 14 days, you will receive 266 butterflies.

In order to exchange butterflies once for Heroes of the rare faction Sur or Katos, you need to collect 300 butterflies under the terms of the Event. That is, if you are striving to get these characters with the least amount of real money, it will be advisable to purchase a cheap daily set in the game store every day for 5 days. In this case, you will receive an additional 8 butterflies per day.

So, take part in the Lost Wings event Magnum Quest and get awsome rewards! What awards will you choose? Answer it in the comments below!

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