Lost Wings 2021/09/18 – 2021/10/03

Lost Wings will arrive soon!
Complete Daily Missions and Trial challenges to find all the [ Paper Butterflies ]

More Butterflies means more rewards:

  • Runestones,
  • Star Map materials,
  • Heroes,
  • Draw Coupons!


The mysterious owner of the underground black market in the City of Trassvertian issued a decree:
[ Whoever can retrieve the stolen paper butterflies in the treasure house can trade from the black market and get rare treasures. ]

Event time: UTC 2021/09/18 0:00 to 2021/10/01 23:59

Reward redemption time: UTC 2021/09/18 0:00 to 2021/10/03 23:59

2 thoughts on “Lost Wings 2021/09/18 – 2021/10/03”

  1. Any event should be free of money. And anyone should take sur or Kratos without donations. But not in this game. It’s very sad to see this. It must be free to play.

  2. Hi guys, hope everything well for you all,

    I just have a comment to make to the last event that you bring to us theses days, “The Lost Wings”. I want to say that we already have gold eggs that are pay to play. SO WHY MAKING ONE MORE. I have count the free to play Butterflies that we can have, and they count to 280 maximum. That means that we can’t even have one copy of Sur or Kratos ????????????? wtf is this, i want to have some explanations about.

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