Guild Optimization

Dear Adventurers:
A brand-new version of Magnum Quest will come online on April 26th, 2022, which will feature the [World] gameplay alongside the fully optimized and overhauled guild gameplays. Aside from the previously introduced [Scramble for Resources], we will keep rolling out new guild gameplays alongside future updates, also it’s one of our priorities for future development.

We aim to provide every adventurer who loves Magnum Quest an even better and more immersive gaming experience, to deliver them a game that’s full of fun and challenge, where they can meet new friends and form communities; a game that facilitates socialization and communication amongst all adventurers – and to achieve all that, we have come to the decision to implement the following changes to the existing guild system:

  1. Along with this update, the range of guilds that adventurers in the newly opened server can join will be limited to their current server.
  2. The previous servers before the update will not be affected, and the existing guild rules will remain unchanged. For the [Scramble for Resources], there will be independent grouping rules when each season is online.

We hereby offer our most sincere apology to each and every adventurer out there, we are grateful for your valuable suggestions and feedbacks, and we thank you for your continued support and encouragement. We hope this brand new Armuda may bring you an even better experience, we will keep putting in our best work and paying keen attention to your feedbacks, to deliver you an ever-improving game that is Magnum Quest!

Magnum Quest Team

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