Great Collector Event

The Great Collector Event Magnum Quest has begun. Event time: June 19, 2021 – July 18, 2021.

Story of Great Collector Magnum Quest

The Great Collector event will be held in the White Tower, and every adventurer on the continent of Armuda can participate.
The more gold quality heroes you have, the more rewards you can exchange.

Rules of the Event

  • Gold-quality heroes obtained by any means during the event period are accumulated in the event progress.
  • Collecting heroes that are at gold rank initially (can upgrade to Legend V max) will accumulate progress. Depending on the rank when they are obtained, the progress will be improved differently.
  • Heroes of silver-quality (can be ascended to Gold III Tier) can’t accumulate event progress by upgrading after they reach gold quality.

How to play

You should check the Events menu, where you will be able to quickly go to the methods of obtaining event points in the form of Golden Heroes.

So, you can get Golden Heroes:

  • Summoning by Draw Coupons and Faction Draw Coupons,
  • Summoning by Friendship Points,
  • In the Dragon Summon,
  • Ascend of the Golden Heroes up to the rank of Legend 5 (a certain stage gives progress),
  • Ascend of silver heroes to the first Gold status,
  • Using Gold Soul Dice and special Chests.


Many players have had difficulty considering Heroes in Ascension. As it is written in the rules, when ascending Golden heroes, only the number of initially infused Golden heroes will be taken into points. So, if you ascend the Golden Hero with the help of the Silver Heroes, which are as high as Gold, you will not get the additional points in the Event. But, if you ascend the Golden Hero and initially use the Golden Hero, for example, when you ascend Derla to 1 star or 3 stars, then the number of golden heroes will be taken into account (using simple gold + 1 hero, using 1 star copy + 2 heroes, and so on) …

BUT! There is currently an issue with Ascension and this event scoring system is not working correctly. We are waiting for a fix or offisial comment from the support team.

About Rewards

After earning event points, you can see your progress in the Events menu. There is a reward table where you get:

  • Silver Draw Coupons – Collect up 10 to 140 Heroes,
  • Gold Faction Draw Coupons – Collect 50/160/170/180/190 heroes,
  • Golden Soul Dice pack: Optional (gives a choice of Arthur, Ares, Fie, Derla) – collect 100 heroes,
  • Hero Medal (gives a choice of Sur, Katos, Ares, Aurik, Arthur, Aeluin, Derla, Osishe, Zander, Guss, Carlotta, Fare, Naomi, Fie, Winden, Gila, Feng, Alden, Ecra, Hista, Veara, Ione, Bill, Emilia, Monroe, Julien, Cinia, Rickers, Merialeth, Manton, Sorsha, Flann, Issy, Cyan) – collect 150 heroes,
  • New skin for Fie “Ranger” in the form of the elf girl Andriel – collect 200 heroes.


New skin for Fie – the Golden Hero of the Forest faction is anounced. The development team used a rather unusual solution, to make a female skin for a male character.

Andriel is the elvis’ greatest marksman and her arrows have felled many a foe. As her deft hands first touched that bundle ofjoy, a sensation she had never before felt pierced her very essence. Motherly love saw her gentler side resurge, feelings she tapped into as she made these clothes.

Participate in the Great Collector Event Magnum Quest and write in the comments below what rewards you expect to receive in the game? Good luck to you all!

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