Great Collector event anounced

Greeting adventurers! The Great Collector event anounced today. The Great Collector event will be held in the White Tower, and every adventurer on the continent of Armuda can participate.

Event Duration

Event lasts from UTC 2021/06/19 00:00:00 to 2021/07/18 23:59:59.

The Rules

  1. Gold-quality heroes obtained by any means during the event period are accumulated in the event progress.
  2. Collecting heroes that are at gold rank initially (can upgrade to Legend V max) will accumulate progress. Depending on the rank when they are obtained, the progress will be improved differently.
  3. Heroes of silver-quality (can be ascended to Gold III Tier) can’t accumulate event progress by upgrading after they reach gold quality.


Adventurers have a week to prepare for the Great Collector Event Magnum Quest. Collect the maximum number of dragonshards, draw coupons, gold cubes and other items for the Summoning in order to get the maximum number of points in the event. Gold cubes can also be purchased in the “Retirement” exchanger in the “Shop” menu.

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