Gift From The Gods Event 2022/01/01 – 2022/01/03

Greetings adventurers!

At the very end of this year, do you have any stories in mind about your adventure in the year 2021? How about sharing with all an Armuda story or a meme as a brand new start of 2022! Hope we can continue the exciting and enjoyable experience with you on the Armuda Continent!

During the New Year holidays adventurers can log into the game and claim your daily gifts in the Event Gift From The Gods. Start the new journey with Armuda’s blessing!

Gift From The Gods Event description: Earn great rewards by staying online in the game while the event is active!

Event Time: Jan 01-03, 2022, UTC

Event Rewards:

  • Gold, Draw Coupons,
  • Beryl, etc.

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