Endless Free Summons

Endless Free Summons-Take as many as you can!

Up to 1000 Free Summons are in your hands:
Complete a series of quests for fun and claim the magnificent rewards!
Chop chop and assemble your powerful team on the fantastic Continent named Armuda!

Event Description: By completing world exploration quests, achieving certain progress in the main questline, along with other methods you may acquire up to 1000 Summons.

Event rewards: Draw Coupon x 1000,Ares skin [Warchief] and portrait frames (limited-time offer)

Event will be open after the update on April 26th, stay tuuuuuuned!

2 thoughts on “Endless Free Summons”

  1. Franchement, vous auriez pu faire une annonce in-game pour prévenir de regarder le site web pour des codes quotidiens… ou simplement que les codes c’était maintenant via le site… C’est nul

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