Dwarven Mines Event

The <dwarven treasures> buried deep under the snow mountain are said to be have been excavated once again. It’s time to grab a Pickaxe and try your luck.

Event Time: Opened on 2022/06/22 UTC for 14 days.

Event Details: during the event, Pickaxes can be earned in Daily Reward Chests.

By making your lucky digs, you can get many great treasures and Tool Blueprint Fragments. Tool Blueprint Fragment can be exchanged for precious items in Karl’s Trade Depot.

Event Rewards:

  • Revna-The Valkyrie,
  • Ryan-The Light Devourer,
  • Ares- The Exiled Berserker,
  • Winden- The Archmage,
  • Cinia- The Leiston’s Light,
  • Fie- The Sharpshooter,
  • Dragonshards,
  • Soul Dice and more.

Note: For new servers that have been opened for less than 8 days on the 22nd, the event will start on the 8th day after its opening.

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