Discord Contest “Loveyourpets”

Look what are Vera and Misty doing!
Nothing just they’re cute and I think you should have a look.
Thank you Misty for fighting by my side.

Did you love your pets today!
Take a picture of you and your beloved pets and post it in this channel, welcome share your stories too! We’ve packed up a small gift for you!
But you need to add some Magnum Quest Elements on the photo.

Show us your imagination and take actions right now! Submit your photo to the discord channel #love-your-pets.

Every participant will receive a little thank-all gift from us! Please fill out this Google form (https://forms.gle/FNYdq4CyZh8UbWvr9) AFTER you successfully sent your pictures, you’ll need a screenshot of your participation for rewards.

From UTC 2022/02/21 to 2022/02/26 (The actual time is subject to the closing of the channel.)

Every Participant will get:

  • Faction Draw Coupons ★ 10


  • Please fill out every section in our Google Form which will be the only evidence of your participation; If a participant sent multiple pictures in the channel, please upload all your screenshots to the form at one time in which you can upload 10 pictures at most.
  • If one Participant uploads multiple pictures, he can only claim the reward once.
  • Your pictures are supposed to be Pet and Magnum Quest themed.
  • When the event ends, the access to the channel will be closed until the results come out.
  • Pictures that are irrelevant to the event or violate the community rules will be handled according to our community rules.

How to participate

  1. Upload your photos in the channel
    • Please notice that this channel doesn’t accept messages with no attachments.
  2. If your message is sent in the channel, then congrats! You’re one of the participants now! If you failed to upload your picture, please try it again.
  3. Make a screenshot of your messages in this channel and fill out this form for rewards: https://forms.gle/FNYdq4CyZh8UbWvr9
  4. If you like someone’s photo, don’t be shy and react with it!

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