Disabling the “Activation Codes” function

Christmas eve is knocking on the door!

Heroes are busy decorating their party tree, but it’s too huge for them. Ops They’re running out of time! Luckily the Frost Giant brought the wind and snow, which really lightened the whole place. Now he and Fafnir are helping hang the gifts and decorations!

So now IT’S PARTY TIME~ Is it snowing outside your window?

No matter if Christmas is celebrated in your home, we wish you a merry Questmas and a happy week! We prepared a little Christmas gift for our great adventurers, thanks for everything you’ve contributed to the Armuda Continent this year! Here’s to our continued adventure in the next year! We’re eagerly looking forward to sharing more interesting events and content with you!

Because of the platform policies, we need to maintain the redemption function which will be temporarily offlined. A Christmas gift code for all was our original plan so all rewards will be sent via in game mail as compensation. Sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll find a better solution as soon as possible.

The Christmas gift will be sent via in-game mail which will be reserved for 14 days only, don’t forget to log into the game and claim it!
This mail will be available for accounts that are registered before 2022/1/31.


  • Abyss Hero Katos ★ 1
  • Drow Coupons ★ 10
  • Customize Chest of Light ★ 50
  • Gold ★ 100K

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