Detailed description of the new hero Lilian

Why bear the fardels of life, if not for the hopes of redemption? ] – Lilian

Tales of Lilian

Lilian is the holy priestess of the church of Leiston. She ran off on her wedding day and abandoned her noble background to become God’s servant.After her awakening, she was endowed with the ability to heal the wounded. When the scandal of the militants in the Underground Palace came to light, Lilian saved their lives from execution in the name of the church and treated them with her healing power, which, in turn, irritated Queen Quinee.


[Lv.1] Lilian restores HP for the allied unit farthest ahead. The amount of restored HP equals 1000% of Lilian’s ATTACK, overflowing HP is converted into a [shield] that lasts 8 seconds.
[Lv.2] The beneficiary of this skill gains additional ATTACK equal to 20% of Lilian’s for 8 seconds.
[Lv.3] The amount of restored HP increases to 1500% ATTACK.

[Lv.1] Lilian deals 200% ATTACK damage to a random enemy target and its surrounding allies, all damage dealt is then translated to a [shield] that protects the ally farthest ahead for 6 seconds.
[Lv.2] The damage dealt increases to 250% ATTACK.
[Lv.3] The damage intake of the [shield] beneficiary is lowered by 20%.
[Lv.4] A second [shield] is granted to the allied unit with the lowest HP. If both shields are granted to the same unit, it acquires double the shield capacity and double the damage avoidance effect.

[Lv.1] Lilian summons a holy light that shines upon the ally farthest ahead. This skill is triggered when the target is acquiring or has acquired negative effects, and renders it immune to all negative effects and control spells for 5 seconds.
[Lv.2] Anyone attacking the target of this skill in the 5 seconds following its activation loses 80 points of ACCURACY for 5 seconds.
[Lv.3] The duration of the immunity increases to 8 seconds.

[Lv.1] All allies affected by Lilian’s skills restores 20 points of ENERGYeach second for 3 seconds.
[Lv.2] The amount of ENERGY restored each second increases to 25 points.
[Lv.3] The amount of ENERGYrestored each second increases to 30 points.

What do you think of her? Do you like her skills, or more of the appearance? Let us know!

She will meet you in #magnumquest very soon, Stay tuned!

*Skill values are for reference only, please refer to the actual value after being released in-game!

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  1. They released her to quick. Most people didn’t get a chance to farm shards for her O_o

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