Detailed description of the new hero Fabian

New Forest Hero aka the Dreadnaught – Fabian is launched

Check out his skills and stories!


Fabian is an independent warrior who travels around the continent, he met Loyd in the Dark Swamp and the two like-minded adventurers built up a true friendship.
They parted ways later because of divergent positions. Years later, they met each other in the execution site of Trassvertian, where Loyd was on death row. In order to save his old friend, Fabian interrupted the execution and risked his life to fight against the guards.

Appearance and Character:

Fabian has a black skin except for the tip of his head and tail.
With his straightforward and fiery personality, he never knows what fear is. Tempted by the fabled treasure, he rampaged through the Dark Swamp and narrowly disturbed the hibernating God of Sleep. Those who know about Fabian often scorn him for overrating his own abilities, while his friend, Loyd, always says that he was the most courageous man in the world.

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