Detailed description of the new hero Elder

The Elder will be released in the new version of Magnum Quest very soon, check out his Skills and Stories in the post!
New Hero will be available to try out for 3 days. Stay Tuned!


[The Elder] is one of the demons that have walked the face of the earth since ancient times, but he never gained much popularity until the recent eon, hence was titled [the Ancient Upstart] by his fellow demon overlords. His true name had been long lost in the course of time, but he himself became idolized by [the Grey Robe Book Club]. He often reveals himself with the company of a black full moon, and his crimson-skinned imp servants under his command.


As the last war came to an end, the whole continent entered an era of peaceful development. All factions and races began to prosper. It was around this time that the Grey Robe Book Club started to show its trace all around the world.
They often wear grey robes with slack hoods, and under each hood, there’s a head top that is cleanly shaven. These people are often dressed like monks, and each holds a wordless book in red cover. Piecing together the fragments of their testimonies, it is known that they worship a demon prophet from the Fathomless Abyss. And it is said that whenever the black moon hangs in the sky, the wordless books would reveal the prophecies by the demon prophet.

It is believed by these people that the gods have abandoned all surface-dwelling creatures, and only the demons may save the world from future cataclysms. To prove their devotion, they built altars, recruited new members, and branded themselves with markings related to [the Elder], making them a commonly recognizable symbol to the world.

The Grey Robe Book Club has brought [the Elder] much fame, but he didn’t seem to care.

In the Unfathomable Abyss, each demon overlord has his own territory resembling a nation or a realm, which presents itself in a way the lord pleases. [The Elder] is no exception, but he rarely returns to his territory. Some say he had glimpsed the will of the king of the gods, hence was sieged by other demon lords and sent on a forced exile. Others say he rarely returns to the Unfathomable Abyss because he had already lost interest in the place.

Regardless of whether it is true, it is certain that he does walk the face of the earth, which makes his worshipers feel closer to him – even though he never interfered with what goes on in this world, nor did he care about his worshippers’ actions.

He did once visit the White Tower, in an attempt of a mysterious exchange, during which the White Tower master discovered that the red book he carried with him recorded the first chapter of what was carved on the Oracle Tablet.

The Oracle Tablet was destroyed when the first dark war was won, so how was he able to obtain the rubbings of the lost text? And how could a demon hold god’s words in his hand without getting burned? These mysteries remain unsolved to this day.


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