Contest “Prank-of-the-Year lineups”

Greetings adventurers!
The maintenance was complete, thanks for your patience! Before getting busy with the events and the new content, enjoy a little gift from us!

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Valid until: UTC 2022/3/31

Share Your Team

With the most exciting quest “Prank of the Year” going on, do you want to add some more fun to it? As adventurers could not check others lineups in different servers, why not pass your wisdom to the community here!

Post your Prank-of-the-Year lineups with your Game ID & Nickname & Server Number in the comments ( as a start to the discussion about heroes used the most, and let’s see who could do the most entertaining game! The top three comments with the most likes will win the Top 1/2/3 prizes for each.


From UTC 2021/12/16 to 2021/12/25


1st prize:

  • Adamantite Dragon Scales ★ 10 ;
  • Dragonshard ★ 1000 ;
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 5 ;
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 240

2nd prize:

  • Draw Coupons ★ 10 ;
  • Dragonshard ★ 1000 ;
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 3 ;
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 120

3rd prize:

  • Dragonshard ★ 1000 ;
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 1 ;
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 120


  1. Challenge fake Santa from the event page of “Prank of the Year” and make a screenshot of your battle settlement panel to show your battle lineup.
  2. One lineup/team, one picture. Make sure your lineup is clearly shown in that picture.
  3. One Participant can upload multiple times with pictures each one of them showing 1 lineup, the final result will be subject to the 1 comment with the highest likes.
  4. Game ID, Server number and Nickname in game are required.
  5. The results will be based on the number of likes on UTC 2021/12/25 9:00, and will not be counted thereafter.
  6. If multiple participants gain the same number of likes, they’ll get the same ranking.
  7. Misappropriating pictures of other players will be disqualified once reported and verified; pictures that are irrelevant to the event or violate the Facebook community rules will be cleared.

Looking forward to your sharing!

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