Contest “Magnum Questmas”

Greetings adventurers!
Christmas eve is ahead of us! Have you finished decorating your home?
Take a picture of the Magnum Quest gameplay scene with some good Christmas decorations around you! Any Xmas element could work, but you need to add some Questmas on it too.

Or you can write down Magnum Quest on a card, or spell “MQ” by LEGOs in green and red! Or hang the two characters on your Xmas tree! Ho ho ho, how about Santa Claus in a mall playing Magnum Quest! How about dressing your pet as a lovely deer and playing Magnum Quest with you!

Are there any ideas popping up in your mind? It’s time to use your imagination and take action right now!

  • Every participant will receive a little thank-all gift from us!
  • The top three pictures with the most likes will win the Top 1/2/3 prizes for each.

From UTC 2021/12/20 to 2021/12/31 (The actual time is subject to the closing of the Event.)


Every Participant will get:

  • Dragonshard ★ 300 ;

1st prize:

  • Adamantite Dragon Scales ★ 10 ;
  • Dragonshard ★ 1000 ;
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 5 ;
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 240

2nd prize:

  • Draw Coupons ★ 10 ;
  • Dragonshard ★ 1000 ;
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 3 ;
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 120

3rd prize:

  • Dragonshard ★ 1000 ;
  • A Large Pile of Hero XP Scrolls (six-hour) ★ 1 ;
  • Silver Soul Dice ★ 120


  1. Please fill out every section in our Google Form which will be the only evidence of your participation; If a participant sent multiple pictures in the channel, please upload all your screenshots to the form at one time in which you can upload 10 pictures at most.
  2. If one Participant uploads multiple pictures, the final result will be subject to the one with the highest likes.
  3. Your pictures are supposed to be Questmas themed – Christmas & Magnum Quest elements required.
  4. If multiple participants gain the same number of 🎄, they’ll get the same ranking.
  5. When the event ends, the access to the channel will be closed until the results come out.
  6. Messages that fail to use the command will be cleared by us.
  7. Pictures that are irrelevant to the event or violate the community rules will be handled according to our community rules.

How to participate

  1. To upload your work please follow the steps:
    • Input – merryquestmas followed by your game id, then upload your picture.
    • Push Enter or tap the Send key on your device. Please don’t send the trigger with no attachment.
  2. If your message is sent with a reaction “🎄”, then congrats! You’re one of the participants now! If you failed to upload your picture, please DELETE your original message and try it again.
  3. Make a screenshot of your message in this channel and fill out this form for rewards:

We wish you a merry Questmas and a happy new year.

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Official discord server –

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