Christmas Events

Christmas Extravaganza · Unwrap the Surprises!

Get ready for a festive blast at our Christmas event! Dive into the game for unmatched fun and soak in the excitement and rewards of our special Christmas events.

[Event Time] From 00:00, December 21, 2023, to 23:59, December 27, 2023 (UTC Time)

[Available Server] All servers, participate by completing 2-7 stages

Please refer to the in-game display for specific event details and actual launch times.

Part 1: Christmas Carnival

Use Christmas stockings to pray and receive your choice of Christmas gifts! Praying ten times guarantees a Christmas surprise!

Part 2: Snowflake Party

Celebration gifts await—enjoy them together! Complete daily tasks to receive party gifts.

Part 3: X-mas Packs

Christmas Celebration Gift Packs are available only during the Christmas event—don’t miss out!

Part 4: Daily Offer

Claim the Daily Offer every day for free and explore valuable limited-time offers for purchase.

Part 5: Exclusive Gear Advancement

Enhance exclusive gear and receive magnificent gifts! Achieve exclusive gear activation and upgrade goals to claim abundant exclusive gear enhancement resources.

Part 6: Limited-Time Exclusive Gear Assistance

Limited-time Exclusive Packs are there to boost your cultivation and progress further!

Remember to log in to the game on time and not miss any of the events! Wishing you an early Merry Christmas!

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