Attack on Demons Event

Attack on Demons Event Magnum Quest is an event where we have to fight 4 bosses:

  • Fafnir
  • Shatrol
  • Dumtior
  • Ash

The event periodically repeats in the game without significant changes. Therefore, we advise you to learn yourself with it in order to always be ready for its passage.

All these bosses are well known to us from the “Challenge” section of the “RAID” menu. The abilities of the monsters remain the same, but various modifiers are added that make it harder to defeat them. Each modifier has 3 enhancement powers, for example:

  • Increases attack by 10%
  • Increases attack by 20%
  • Increases attack by 30%

Each level of enhancement adds points to the reward scale. To collect all the rewards, you need to fill this scale with at least 20 points (you can go up to 30 points, but the remaining 10 points are not encouraged by rewards).

To get 20 points with power-ups, you need to defeat the boss at least 3 times. Each victory unlocks the next stage of amplification.

The event lasts 12 days, with each new boss unlocking after 3 days.


  1. The event lasts for 12 days, during which 4 Demons will be subject to the challenges of players
  2. The challenge of each Demon lasts for 3 days and only one Denon will be available at a time. Players have to wait for another turn after the challenge is made if they want to challenge the same Demon again
  3. Difficulty score and challenge of Demon varies from one to another. The rating and quest will reset at the end of the challenge, i. e. won’t be carried over to the challenge of the next Demon
  4. The Adventurer can challenge a Demon for free and for unlimited times
  5. The Adventurer must choose at least one boost of the demon before they start the battle
  6. Completing quest will grant the Adventurer the reward, while defeating a Demon will not drop any reward
  7. The Boss’s level is subject to the highest level of the squad. Adventurers may choose and embattle any hero from the squad, who will adapt to the Boss’s level and won’t be affected by in-game level promotion or demotion

We wish you good luck in the” Attack on Demons ” Magnum Quest.

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    1. If you read the description, it says your characters level will be scaled to the dragons level.

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