Arcane Impression Card System Reveal

Greetings adventurers!
We are expecting major updates through the upcoming maintenance on December 16th!

This time adventurers can enhance their squad and experience different strategies through the new Arcane Impression Card system!

Check out the preview below and tell us how you feel about it!

What is an Arcane Impression Card?

Each Arcane Impression Card boasts unique powers that can boost the stats of your fielded heroes or grant them special effects.

How to use?

You can attach Impression Cards to your lineup in Battle, Guild challenges (Frost Peak, Puppet Corps and Awaken Demons), and Arena (Sacengate Tournament, Floating City Ladder and Battlefield of Gods).

Some cards can only be used in specific scenarios such as boss fights, but these cards usually carry stronger effects.

How to acquire?

You can acquire Arcane Impression Cards by the Element Powder which you can obtain in the SHOP section by gold.


Unlock after complete stage 19-40

More content in the updates on Dec 16th will be revealed in advance very soon! Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Arcane Impression Card System Reveal”

  1. Damit verabschieden wir uns wohl endgültig von einem weitestgehend f2p-freundlichem, schönen Game. Wenn MQ den Hals nicht voll genug bekommt, meine Schnauze ist es dann. War eine schöne Zeit, nicht mehr, aber auch nicht weniger.

    1. Ich stimme dir zu. Es war genauso mit AFK Arena. Sie wurden auch schnell gierig geworden. Schade!

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