The Undying Royalty – Rules and Teams

The Undying Royalty is an event in Magnum Quest where we need to fight the Pumpkin Boss and his minions. Here, heroes with massive damage, which are enough in the game, are fully revealed. The most popular and strong heroes in this direction: Derla, Ecra, Issy, Sur, Winden, etc. Therefore, the main part of the DPS team should include these heroes, but do not forget about the support heroes. Healing or tanks are not needed in this encounter.


  1. Rules for the challenge
    • During this event, you may challenge Prince Pumpkin unlimited number oftimes.
    • Each time you complete certain objectives in the challenge, your daily activity rewards get upgraded accordingly.All rewards are released via in-game mails at 00:00 UTC the next day.
    • When challenging Prince Pumpkin, you can complete certain objectives to unlock Challenge Achievements and claim corresponding rewards on the event page.
  2. Hero Setup
    All heroes are leveled at 300.
  3. Power of the Dead
    • The number of starts at 0 in your possession, accumulate enough Hatred by challenging Prince Pumpkin and you’ll be granted one .This item can help you generate more Hatred when challenging Prince Pumpkin.
    • You can unlock only one on the event page each day.
  4. 4.Total Hatred Accumulated
    Total Hatred Accumulated is the grand total of all the Hatred generated by all adventurers participating in the challenge. When it reaches each node on the progress bar, it unlocks as well as other rewards accordingly.
  5. Leaderboard
    The leaderboard ranks the highest damage inflicted in a single blow throughout the event and lists out the top 50. If two entries have the same value, the earlier achiever is ranked higher.

Best Teams

The core of the team:

Derla is the main DPS
Sur – support + DPS
Cinia – support


Harry – support
Hista – DPS
Winden – support + DPS
Issy – DPS
Feng – DPS

We have a wide range of options for forming teams for the boss. Good luck!

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