Beginner’s Guide Magnum Quest

The most important thing to remember is playing the long game. In general, the game Magnum Quest is very simple and it is almost impossible to break the progress in it, but you can greatly reduce your progress if you distribute the feed heroes incorrectly and improve the wrong ones who will really pull you up.

The easiest way to pick the right heroes is to check out our Tier Lists and Team Building Guide to progress quickly.


All heroes are divided into three types: Gold, Silver, Bronze.

Golden Heroes

The most important thing to remember is that no feed golden heroes. All of them will be useful to you for the walkthrough of the faction dungeons, which will open after the chapter 14-40.

The maximum level of a golden hero is 300.

Silver heroes

This is food, with the exception of two heroes – Gaia and Garaff, which need to be level to the maximum. Subsequently, these 2 heroes will become food, but up to level 225 of the whole team, they will help you in the passage of the company.

The maximum level of a golden hero is 200.

Bronze heroes

In fact, these are not heroes, but simply resources. Such heroes must be automatically dispersed into resources. They are of no value. At the beginning of the game, you will be prompted to destroy them automatically, agree with this and forget.

The bronze hero converts into 10 Beryl and 160 Retirement Coins.

Ascension of heroes

To increase the level of stars of heroes (ascension), the game offers the hero, whose level you want to increase, to feed other heroes. These can be copies of the same hero, or any heroes from the same faction (fortresses can only be fed to fortress heroes, etc.). Since silver heroes can be upgraded to Gold 3*, we recommend using only silver heroes as faction feed. There is no food for the heroes of Divine and Abyss, they can only be increased by their copies.


Beryl is the most valuable resource in the game and will always be in short supply. At the beginning it may seem that it is in excess, but this is only at the beginning of the game.

By level 200, you will wait for weeks for beryl to accumulate to improve one hero.

LevelBeryl Cost
For the whole team1170225

To improve 1 hero to level 300, a total of 234,045 Beryl is needed. The whole team (5 heroes) needs 1,170,225 Beryl.


Shop in Magnum Quest is a game store where you can buy useful items or heroes for the game currency (Gold, Dragonshards, Retirement Coins, Trial Coins, Guild Badges, Dragon Heart Blood). Several sections are available in the store:

  • General,
  • Retirement,
  • Trial,
  • Guild,
  • Ladder,
  • Hunter Tavern
ShopWhat to takeNotes
GeneralOption 1 – Beryl with 75% OffTake every day without exception. Beryl is one of the most valuable resources in the game, it needs more than 1M to raise a team to level 300.
Option 2 – Beryl with 50% OffLess profitable than option 1, I prefer not to take it, because gold is spent on periodic events, where Beryl is even cheaper.
Option 3 – Silver runesBuy all silver runes after they appear in the store (for gold). The need for silver runes will disappear only in the deepest late when switching to golden runes.
Option 4 – 5* gearAppears late enough, you can take some gears for the main damage dealers (Ares, Ecra) to move forward in progress.
RetirementOption 1 (only) – 60 Gold Soul Dice for 18 000 Better than silver dices because gold is a chance for a non-food hero, and even if the hero is food, then 1 gold hero = 9 silver, which is more profitable than buying 9 silver from this store. Gold cubes are 3600 coins cheaper.
TrialOption 1 – Heroes. In order of priority – Derla / Aeluin, Aurik, ZanderBuy until the full collection of the hero to the legend (8 copies) or to the legend +5 (18 copies), at your choice.
Option 2 – Silver heroes (wood)Cheap enough to be a good option. Leave some food in the store to close the weekly purchase quest in the challenge store.
Option 3 – BerylBuy only after collecting all the heroes from the store for a legend or legend +5. Always keep a supply of currency in case new heroes are added to the store.
GuildOption 1 (only) – NOTHINGAny item other than 5* will be outdated, so there is no point in buying it in this store. After 20-60, 5* gear will begin to appear you can consider buying the necessary sets at first before the 10th demons are on the farm. Weekly quests for purchase in shops to complete at the expense of food for 2400 from the test store.
LadderOption 1 – SurSur is much stronger than Katos, so of the two to choose only her. Sur takes longer to collect than other heroes, but it is more rare. The Ladder shop is the only way to collect it reliably. After Sur, you can collect Katos.
Option 2 – Feng or FareFare is a great hero in progress, Feng is a great hero on bosses. Collect what you have problems with. Even if you are collecting Feng, it makes sense to buy 1 or 2 copies of Fare, because it works in progress and without stars.
Option 3 – Other HeroesCollection after 1 and 2 options.
Option 4 – Silver Soul DiceDO NOT take, too expensive.

Hunter Tavern

AnyAs a rule, gamers turn to this section of the shop when you need to leveling Star Map the specific hero. Therefore, the choice is yours which Tokens or Lights should be purchased for this.

Bounty Ledger

In Bounty Ledger, you need to try to launch tasks with the maximum number of stars in order to quickly raise the level of Bounty Ledger and receive more valuable rewards.

The top-ranked resources in contracts are Beryl, Dragonshards, Silver Dices.

Gold is the most disadvantageous resource of contracts.

LevelTimeBerylDragonshardsSilver Dices
Bronze1 hour15105
Silver2 hours30158
Gold4 hours602012
Gold I5 hours1203016
Gold II6 hours2404020
Gold III7 hours5006025
Gold IV8 hours8009030
Gold V9 hours120012035

Starting from the 5th level of contracts, you can renew contracts 1-2 times for 25 stones in order to change the low-level unaccepted contracts.


Trial open every 2 days. The rewards are very valuable and should not be missed. In total, for completing the Trial, you will receive 5630 tokens, which you will later spend in the Trial Shop.

StageTrial CoinsReward 1Reward 2Guild Badges
1100GoldHero exp
2110GoldHero exp
3120GoldHero exp
4130GoldHero exp
5140GoldHero exp
6150GoldHero exp
7 (Boss)160GoldHero exp
8170GoldHero exp
9180GoldHero exp
10190GoldHero exp
11200GoldHero exp
12210GoldHero exp
13220GoldHero exp
14 (Boss)230GoldHero exp
15240GoldHero exp
15250GoldHero exp
17260GoldHero exp
18270GoldHero exp
19 (Zander)15001500
20350GoldHero exp
21 (Boss)450GoldHero exp

The game does not show the exact number of items above 10,000, so all gold and experience values ​​in the game are indicated approximately, always rounded down.

For passing the final boss, a chest is opened, which contains a different number of stones (most often 200, but also occasionally 700), silver dices, as well as several boosts for gold (6 hours of afk rewards) and beryl (2 hours of afk rewards). Set gear may also drop.

In total, on average, for a month (30 days), excluding achievements and events, you can get 84,450 Trial Coins, which is enough to buy one hero and all the food in the shop. Or, with the help of achievements and events, two heroes.

Also pay attention to the Tier List of Trial Relics to make it easier to complete.

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