The Wild faction Hero Issy Magnum Quest is a rather interesting damage dealer. Thanks to her active skills, she can inflict damage both on the target and on other enemies, which makes it possible to inflict rather more damage.


Despite the fact that Gaia Magnum Quest is a Golg III hero, up to level 226 of the squad she will be your favorite character. She is loved by all newbies, as it is not difficult to collect it up to the maximum 3 stars. Gaia’s maximum level is limited to 200, which makes her weak in the late game, but you can reach chapter 20 with her.


Ranged fighter Zander Magnum Quest, most likely everyone has. And most players at the beginning of their game mistakenly perceive him as a strong character that must be level uped. Unfortunately, this is not true. His only advantage is the AOE cone damage from the main ability, but it takes a very long time to gain. The damage from poison, when there is a healer in the team, is almost invisible.


Manton is the Wild Centaur Warrior of Magnum Quest. A melee hero, but thanks to the spear that he throws, he can inflict damage on the back row of enemies. In terms of efficiency, the hero is rather weak in all directions of the game.


Tank Rickers Magnum Quest belongs to the Wild faction. It is considered to be an excellent tank for holding down an enemy with a lot of control. All three of his active abilities can stun opponents. The hero starts working from the beginning. Works great in PvE content, except for Bosses. The whole advantage of Rickers lies in the large number of stuns that do not work on Bosses.


Hista Magnum Quest is considered a very useful hero for bosses. She can provide continuous damage and explosive damage on a single target. She also inflict bleeding on surrounding enemies, and with level up, additional heavy bleeding on one target. Hista can also stun the enemy with the most damage for 8 seconds. Starts working from the beginning.


Naomi Magnum Quest is a healer who can remove buffs from enemies. Dispels all buffs including Ares‘ invulnerability. She also can debuff silence, blocking the use of spells by enemies. Naomi synergizes well with the Wild heroes, as it increases their attack and defense. At level 276, this buff begins to affect all allies, but only with 50% effectiveness.


Gila lizard-like hero Magnum Quest is a good member of the Wild Faction. Thanks to its passive skill, it deals good damage to one target. The third skill, together with the poison, puts a vulnerability on the monster, which increases the total damage of your entire team against it. Therefore, it is very often taken on all bosses.


When people talk about the top 1 character in the game, they often mean exactly that character. Ares Magnum Quest is a tank with huge damage, healing and invulnerability up to 8 seconds. Top-1 character in progress without alternatives, around which most progress teams are built, as well as one of the top picks on all bosses.

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