Rose Magnum Quest appeared in the game at the end of 2022. Many players (fans of MOBA games) have drawn an analogy with Miss Fortune from League of Legends. Indeed, outwardly the characters are very similar, especially the hat and two pistols in their hands.


Julien (Phantom King) is another Shadow tank in Magnum Quest. An important feature is its transition to the etheric form for 16 seconds after death. In this form, he regains himself 50% and gains full immunity to physical damage, but magical does 80% more damage to him.


You don’t often see such disgusting outwardly heroes in games. Gass Magnum Quest of the Shadow faction is a member of the large Squalors race who live on the edge of hell itself. In terms of gameplay, at high levels of pumping, Gass shows himself well on Bosses, since this hero attacks one target well. In the rest of the content, the hero is rather weak.


Merialeth Magnum Quest is a great hero which is good to progress through. She has a very beautiful model design that many heroines can envy. She has high demands to pumping level and equipment. Has a very strong ultimate attack.


Dark Elf Veara Magnum Quest belongs to the Shadow faction. She reveals very well against bosses after level 176, thanks to a skill that deals more damage the more health the enemy has. With the second skill in the final stages of the battle, she deals huge damage to the boss. Cuts armor.


Carlotta Magnum Quest is an assassin who, at the start of the fight, jumps behind the back of a second line enemy and attacks them. She is comfortable with carving soft heroes like mages or archers. Has the ability to impose a shield and invisibility.


Ice Tank Alden Magnum Quest belongs to the Shadow faction. By location, he is placed in the first row of the team. With his main skill, he can freeze surrounding enemies for 5 seconds. He have the skill of necromancy, which can resurrect an ally, and after level 251 enemies either. But when he is upon receiving a fatal blow, his resurrection will go with more than half of HP.


Derla Magnum Quest is a very powerful member of the Shadow faction. It can be placed both in the first row of the team and in the second. She has one of the strongest area damage, and also has good control in the form of a stun.


Girl puppeteer Sorsha Magnum Quest is not as simple as it seems at first glance. She has strong explosive and area damage. It synergizes well with control heroes, since her main skill attacks exactly enemies with this effect, dealing damage and weakening them.

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