Lyu Ying

Divine Hero Lyu Ying Magnum Quest was added to the game in February 2022. Apparently, the developers want to fill the few factions of the Divine and the Abyss with characters, as this is already the second divine hero that has been added in a short period of time.


Revna is a hero from the Divinity faction in Magnum Quest. For a whole year since the CBT, it has not been replenished with new heroes, and on December 16, 2021, we were shown the second hero.


Sur Magnum Quest is the first Divinity faction hero in the game. She is an example of a unique combination of support, healer and damage dealer. It heals perfectly in a cone (the same skill deals damage to enemies), has a very high survivability for a non-tank and, with help of its superpower, it shares an attack with the whole team.

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